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  Blast Open at Each Edge                                         (_)



Collaboration with Max Jefcut.

G X Gallery.

crater dome.jpg

I’ve been thinking a lot about edges.

I’ve been thinking a lot about mess.

Where does one thing end and become the other?

I don’t know, I don’t think it does end- it just becomes part the other, it’s inside the other all of the time – already, but we miss it, so we have to rifle through all of this stuff, all this excess to find it again.

When one thing becomes the other… it feels a bit like drawing a line through, a line of thinking, or even a line of sight.

Jess Heritage Hold It Still

But what do we see when we find it again?

Maybe we don’t see it, maybe this is the edge we’re talking about, all these others, these ‘missings’ begin to define the one we cant get it, it’s deferred over and over until it’s too far to see. 

We can’t see it…or we can’t keep it?

Jess Heritage Hold It Still
Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 20.14.41.jpg

Maybe we see it partially, yes, maybe we see it in parts, in flashes… or maybe we begin to. But no, we never keep it, the thought never stops. We forget, we miss, we get lost within the mess again always. 

I sometimes wish it could be stilled somehow, just for a moment.


Me too, a way to pause time, even just to glimpse momentarily. 

crater dome_edited.jpg
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