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// Something Undecipherable and Iridescent 



Collaboration with Max Jefcut.

The Salamanders Skin at Wells Project Space.

IMG_2394 2.PNG
dog hair .png

Or feel- the sensation of pushing your hand in a long and deep hole in the ground, and you’re feeling around and with the very tips of your fingers you can feel lots of tunnels spouting off in different directions… actually no, I don’t want you to feel stuck, to feel sure, like you can’t swerve off or move around freely. So maybe if we imagine the dirt is really fine so it shifts around you as you move, so you have a little more wiggle room, a little more room to change direction.

As you push your hand further into the ground you not only discover more off shoots, more routes leading in different directions, but your fingers start to brush against small and partial objects, maybe the back of your hand brushes something smooth and cold, like glass, and then between your thumb and forefinger a thin channel of fur like a cats ear, a loop of metal, something rings as you catch it, sticks to the wet of your palm- a hair, a thin blade- maybe something sharp that catches the skin which is coming away by the edge of your fingernail and it feels a bit tsthhhh-


And maybe, as you catch this, or that, something close which catches your attention, each on the edge of decipherability, each feels… 




Catch but just for a second. Look. Look. Did you catch it. Not catch it but just, catch it. Did you catch it? I thought you said it wasn’t about catching (holding/keeping) no not that kind of catching, catching quickly from the corner of your eye, quick and sharp like the point of a blade.

IMG_2419 2.PNG

Ah hah! 

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 16.26.34.png

Filling in and catching light >>> 

Image Compilation 2.jpg
Image Compilation 2.jpg

\—- acting as a body, pinned to - momentarily - like a fridge magnet

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